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Meet Wyatt. Y’all he has the sweetest older brother. Something so special about capturing the beginning of a lifetime friendship. Wyatt was one of those babies that came into the studio in dreamland and left still with his eyes closed.

Wyatt [Knoxville / Farragut Newborn Studio Photographer]

When Kali walked in she was all wide eyed, but between the heat and white noise she lulled fast asleep. She was a dream. I love a baby with a good head of hair! My camera ate her right up!

Kali [Knoxville / Newborn Studio Photographer]

Welcome to the world, Reagan. So glad I got to take your first professional photos.


Elliot was precious. He was a bit of a Curious George at the beginning of his session, but ended up giving in and we got some great sleepy shots. I always say you win the lottery when you get both eyes opened and eyes shut.


Happy 2023! I say it each year, but I truly believe this will be THE BEST YEAR YET! Here is what to come! Jan./Feb – Valentine Minis March/April – Bleak House and Studio Easter Sessions May – Spring Minis at the Botanical Gardens June -Bleak House and Summer Minis at Botanical Gardens August – Football […]

Welcome 2023!